Erin Spahn

Founder Erin Spahn began renting her bedroom on Airbnb in 2014 to supplement her income as a struggling realtor. As vacation rentals began to emerge rapidly in 2015 she realized there was a market for a variety of services to these types of properties that were not being met. She left real estate late 2015 and began researching business options geared towards short-term and vacation rentals.


In 2017 she launched Short Stay Cleaning Solutions which initially focussed only on environmentally conscious cleaning services for short-term and vacation rental properties. Demand was high and she soon left her job at a local credit union to pursue her business full-time. Demand for other services such as listing setups began to arise and Erin broadened her services portfolio. A year later Short Stay Cleaning Solutions had grown with over 50 clients and more than 75 properties.


As a native Chattanoogan, Erin enjoys everything her city has to offer including hiking in the mountains, kayaking in the Tennessee river, and exploring the local shops and restaurants. Erin loves her 2 cats, Pig and Squirrel, cooking (and eating), traveling, and spending time with her dad and mom, Fred and Pam.